US marketing name: Viking

TYPE: Three-seat amphibian kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Design under way by 1996. At least three flying by end of 2002.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Viking: As described
Twin Viking: Twin-engined version. Two Rotax 582s, each 47.8 kW (64.1 hp); empty weight 431 kg (950 lb); MTOW 726 kg (1,600 lb); max level speed 87 kt (161 km/h; 100 mph); T-O run 138 m (450 ft); stalling speed 33 kt (62 km/h; 38 mph).

DESIGN FEATURES: Braced high-wing monoplane and weight in Experimental category; single bracing strut and jury strut each side; flying-boat hull with single step; sweptback vertical tail with unswept horizontal surfaces at tip.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Slotted flaps.

LANDING GEAR: Tailwheel type, with retractable, but externally stowed, mainwheels. Stabilising float under each outer wing.

POWER PLANT: One 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) Rotax 912 ULS flat four projecting from wing centre-section. Fuel capacity 87 litres (23.0 US gallons; 19.1 Imp gallons).