French marketing name: Vision
UK marketing name: Foxbat
US marketing name: Valor

TYPE: Side-by-side ultralight/kitbuilt

PROGRAMME: Design started February 1990, construction of prototype began September 1994; first flight 21 October 1996; certified to German BFU-95; production began in early 1999.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Aeroprakt-22 Shark: Original version, with 59.6 kW (70.9 hp) Rotax 912 UL engine.
Following versions have uprated engine.
FUL A22: Marketed from 1999 by FUL of Damme, Germany. Plans for floatplane and glider tug versions; alternative engine under consideration.
Foxbat: UK version, marketed from 2000 by Small Light Aeroplane Company Ltd at Otherton, Staffordshire. Prototype, G-FBAT (16th airframe) first flown after kit assembly in UK 12 August 2000. BCARS certification in early 2002; several built under auspices of PFA.
Valor: US version.
Vision: Marketed in France by Aerotrophy of Montagu.
Description applies to Valor.

CUSTOMERS: More than 50 A-22s built by early 2002 and delivered to Australia, France, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Russia, UAE, UK and USA.

COSTS: Foxbat kit £14,375, plus engine £7,3000, excluding VAT (2000).

DESIGN FEATURES: Constant-chord wings and horizontal tail surfaces. Wings swept forward 2° 30'; P-IIIa-15 wing section, thickness/chord ratio 15 per cent; chamfered tips; dihedral 1° 30'; incidence at root 4°; twist 2° 30'.

FLYING CONTROLS: Manual, by pushrods and cables. Full-span slotted flaperons with trim tab to starboard; single-piece elevator with tab; and sweptback rudder with ground-adjustable tab.

STRUCTURE: Riveted aluminium wing structure; leading-edge D box closed by I-section main spar; stamped wing ribs; bent sheet rear false spar; Ceconite covering on wings (except metal leading-edge), rudder and elevator. Fin and tailplane similar to wings. Aluminium fuselage with profiled sheet and fluted skin, stamped bulkheads, steel and aluminium tubing. Extensive glazing. Glass fibre engine cowling, wheel spats, wing fillets and fintip.

LANDING GEAR: Non-retractable tricycle type. Cantilever composites spring mainwheel legs. Hydraulic mainwheel brakes. Steerable nosewheel; small tailwheel protects ventral strake from nose-high landings.

POWER PLANT: One 59.6 kW (79.9 hp) Rotax 912 UL or 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) Rotax 912 ULS flat-four driving an Aeroprakt three-blade ground-adjustable pitch propeller or (Foxbat) Newton two-blade. Fuel tank in each wingroot; combined capacity 90 litres (23.8 US gallons; 19.8 Imp gallons). Optional capacity 135 litres (35.6 US gallons; 29.7 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Two persons, side by side. Large upward-hinged window/door on each side.

EQUIPMENT: Ballistic parachute.