The company (which adopts the German spelling of aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal for marketing in the West) and its predecessors have built 15 types of aircraft, from hang-gliders (first flight 4 September 1975) to twins. Lilienthal was formed by Anatoly Borodin and Valentin Loskov out of the hang-glider club associated with the KhGAPP aircraft plant, transforming into an ultralight club in 1976 and establishing a design bureau within Kharkov factory in 1987.
Lilienthal was established as a firm in 1991, manufacturing the Kh-37 (X-37) Chibis hang-glider and moving two years later to the Kh-32 (X-32) Bekas. By 2003, more than 100 of each had been built, production continuing at a rate of 10 per year. All current types have a Russian type certificate. Manufacture is conducted in close association with related companies Otto Ltd and Gustav Ltd. Lilienthal is also a service centre for Rotax engines and licensed for flying instruction.
It will be noted that the Kh-designations of the Kharkov-designed aircraft of Lilienthal retain the Cyrillic 'X' for Western trading.

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  • Address: a/ya 10038, 61070 Kharkov, Ukraine
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