Kharkovskii Aviatsionni Institut (USSR, now Ukraine) was leading SKB (student construction bureau) in Soviet Union. Under Iosif Grigoryevich Nyeman produced KhAI-1 to -6 in 1932-7, plus various other types. KhAI-1 (8 October 1932) very clean low-wing monoplane transport, 201 mph with 6 passengers, 43 for Aeroflot, also bomber version. Another major programme was KhAI-5 tactical attack, 490 delivered as R-10. KhAI-2 was Flea, -3 a twin-engined flying wing and -4 a single-engined pusher flying wing. KhAI-6 and -52 were more advanced single-engined tac-recon and bomber aircraft. SKB resurrected 1960, produced KhAI-17 to -27 assisted by various senior designers, all light aeroplanes, helicopters or autogyros.

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