The prototype BA-7 made its first flight on 10 October 1958. It entered production, and was followed by the MFI-9 version which also went into production.
Plans for the MFI-9HB, a redrawn version of the MFI-9 for amateur builders, are currently available and the description and data refer to this version. Kits of component parts were also made available from the Cana Aircraft Company in Singapore.

TYPE: Side-by-side two-seat, dual control homebuilt; conforms to FAR Pt 23 in Utility category.

AIRFRAME: All-metal construction, except for glassfibre reinforced plastics wingtips. Wing section NACA 23009, modified to have leading-edge droop. Non-retractable tricycle landing gear. Optional floats or skis.

POWER PLANT: One 74.5 kW (100 hp) Teledyne Continental O-200-A. Other engines of similar weight and power rating can be used. Fuel capacity 80 litres (21 US gallons; 17.6 Imp gallons).