TYPE: VIP administrative aircraft

DESCRIPTION: The Yak-42D administrative aircraft has a VIP passenger cabin comprising VIP lounge, conference hall, first class compartment, and aides compartment. The VIP lounge is fitted with a swivel armchair, a two-seat sofa that can be converted into a bed, a folding desk, and a wardrobe. The lounge is adjacent to a personal bathroom. The conference hall has four movable swivel armchairs, a conference table, and two sevenseat sofas. The conference hall is fitted with a satellite communications system and a video system. The first class compartment features four twin seats and two folding tables in the aisle. The aides compartment accommodates 18 business class seats. The aircraft is additionally fitted with kitchen appliances. The VIP version can be fitted with Russian- or foreign-made integrated flight navigation and radio communications systems. The aircraft has a corresponding flight certificate.

Length, m 36.38
Wing span, m 34.88
Max take-off weight, t 57.5
Cruising air speed, km/h 810
Max cruising altitude, m 9,600
Service range, km 5,585
Runway length required, m 2,200*
Max airfield altitude above sea level, m 1,920

* - ISA, +35oC