TYPE: Long-range missile-carrying bomber

POWERPLANTS: 2 x NK-25 afterburning turbojets

MISSION: The Tu-22M3E aircraft is intended to carry out missile and bomb attacks against mobile and stationary targets in land and sea theatres of operation. It is capable of stand-alone and group operations in hostile air defence and ECM environments. In land theatres of operation the Tu-22M3E is capable of engaging installations of public and military administration, defence industry targets, power supply systems and communications networks; rendering ineffective air force bases and paved airfields; as well as enemy manpower and materiel concentration areas. The aircraft can penetrate enemy air defences at different flight altitudes and speeds, depending on the situation. In sea theatres of operation, the Tu-22M3E can engage groups of ships, including carrier battle groups, and can also be employed in water zone and fairway minelaying operations.

ARMAMENT: The airplane carries up to three Kh-22E missiles. Up to 24,000kg free-fall munitions, distributed between the weapons bay, two fuselage and two underwing multi-shackle racks, can comprise up to sixty-nine 250kg bombs, forty-two 500kg bombs, or eight 1,500kg bombs.A 23mm gun installed in the aft offers the rear hemisphere protection.

EQUIPMENT: The onboard defence system comprises active ECM pods to jam enemy ground/airborne radars, and also chaff and flare dispensers. The avionics suite ensures automatic navigation, aiming and piloting when flying a pre-programmed or in-flight programmed mission. It also provides bomb dropping and missile launch control.

Basic specifications
Length, m 42,46
Wingspan, m 27,70/34,28
Height on the ground, m 11,05
Max take-off weight, kg 124,000
Combat load, kg: normal 12,000
maximum 24,000
Max air speed, km/h 2,000
Cruising air speed, km/h 900
Service ceiling, m 10,200 - 14,000
Tactical radius, km 2,200
Take-off run, m 2,000 - 2,100
Landing roll, m 1,200 - 1,300
Powerplant 2 x NK-25
Crew 4