TYPE: Midrange passenger aircraft

POWERPLANTS: 2 x PS-90A turbofans.

MISSION: The Tu-214 midrange passenger aircraft is designed to carry passengers, luggage and cargo on domestic and international trunk routes to a distance of up to 7,200 km. The aircraft can accommodate up to 210 passengers.
The Tu-214 features improved aerodynamic characteristics, low fuel consumption, reasonable operating costs and lower physiological workload on the crew.

The airplane's high aerodynamic efficiency ensures impressive and safe cruising flight and landing at low speeds. The automatic flight control and navigation system provides accurate aircraft navigation along the entire envelope of assigned flight paths. The improved comfort level of the cabin helps the passengers to withstand long flights. The aircraft completely meets ICAO noise and emission requirements.
On customer request the aircraft can be powered by the Rolls-Royce engines and fitted with Honeywell, Allied Signal or Litton avionics.

Basic specifications
Length, m 46,16
Wing span, m 41,8
Max take-off weight, t 110,75
Cruising air speed, km/h 850
Max cruising altitude, m 12,600
Service range, km 7,200
Powerplant 2 x PS-90A