TYPE: Basic prop trainer.

PROGRAMME: Design of military derivative of Su-26 and Su-29 aerobatic aircraft, to meet trainer requirement, started July 1992, under former designation Su-32; designation changed to Su-39 in 1995, Su-49 in 1996. Construction of prototype began 1994; first flight scheduled second half of 1996, but continually delayed.
Design further refined by mid-1997 to include LERX, raised rear portion of canopy and twin nosewheels. P&W Rus PK6A-25 turboprop reportedly considered as replacement for M-9 (M-14 previously intended) piston engine in at least a proportion of production aircraft; this to be tested from early 2002 in modified Su-29KS. In October 2001 was named winner of competition against Yak-152 for Russian Air Forces trainer requirements; prototype first flight scheduled for 2002, but official funding was insufficient and Sukhoi admitted in late 2003 that development work had ceased. Production had been planned at NAPO, Novosibirsk.