TYPE: Multirole fighter

MISSION: The Su-30MK2 is a highly manoeuverable multirole fighter. It is designed to destroy air and ground targets in all weather conditions with guided and unguided weapons, operating alone and as part of an aircraft group in favour of gaining air superiority. The fighter's two-seat configuration enhances its combat effectiveness and helps pilots to master their piloting and combat employment skills.

EQUIPMENT: The Su-30MK2 is equipped with the surveillance/ targeting (radar and optronic) systems that provide engagement of air and ground (surface) targets, day and night, under fair and adverse weather conditions. The built-in laser range-finder ensures efficient employment of high-precision weapons. The radar mapping of ground (water) surface and target tracking provide pre-launch target designation and employment of missiles and air bombs in any weather, day and night. The high-performance ECM equipment is installed on fighter to destroy the hostile radars by anti-radiation missiles . The navigation system provides high-accuracy navigation in all stages of flight. The cockpit instrumentation facilitates the pilot to operate effectively using a combination of the large-size colour LC multifunctional displays. The in-flight refuelling system enables to increase the fighter's flight endurance/combat radius, restricted by physical ability of a pilot.

ARMAMENT:The Su-30MK2 combat load is carried on ten external hardpoints and includes R-27 air-to-air missiles of all modifications, R-73E and RVV-AE AAMs, as well as Kh-35E, Kh-59MK, Kh-59ME, Kh-31A, Kh-31P, Kh-29T (TE, L) air-to-surface missiles, and KAB-1500Kr and KAB-500Kr guided bombs. The unguided weapons include S-8, S-13 and S-25 rockets and up to 500-kg calibre air bombs. The aircraft carries one built-in GSh-301 gun with 150 rounds of ammunition.