TYPE: Aerobatic singleseat sportplane

POWERPLANTS: A singleseat aerobatic plane powered by a single M-14P 360-hp piston engine.

DESCRIPTION: Its maiden flight took place on 30 June 1984. A total of four prototypes were built. The Su-26M is an improved lightweight Su-26 version boasting a high-strength composite wing and uprated aerodynamic characteristics. It first flew on 27 July 1985 and has been in production since 1988 with the Sukhoi Advanced Technologies company. Since 1989, it has been exported to the United States and other nations as the Su-26MX version. A total of eight prototypes and 65 production planes have been built. Upgraded version of the Su-26, the Su-26M3 with new 420hp M-9F engine, was prepared to take part in the World aerobatics championship in 2003.

Basic specifications  
Length, m 6.827
Wing span, m 7.8
Wing area, sq.m 11.83
Empty weight, kg 680
Normal take-off weight, kg 835
Max speed, km/h 450
Range, km 800