TYPE: Aerobatic single-seat sportplane.

PROGRAMME: Initial batch of five aircraft under construction in 2000 at Progress plant at Arsenyev; Russian prototype unregistered; initial production aircraft, RA-44547, delivered in January 2001 to Richard Goode Aerobatics in UK.

COSTS: €115,000 (2003).

DESIGN FEATURES: Mid-wing configuration with symmetrical section of original Technoavia design; no dihedral, anhedral or incidence. Development of Yak-55M. Modifications include redesigned rear fuselage turtledeck; new fin and tailplane fillets; reprofiled wingtips; redesigned flying surfaces with composites skin; steel engine firewall; new engine cowling; new instrument panel with US instruments and avionics; modified fuel and oil systems to FAR Pt 23 requirements; modified pneumatic system; pilot-controlled oil and carburettor heat doors; new entry steps and assist handle on fuselage and landing gear legs; inclined seat for increased g tolerance; new safety harness; baggage compartment and smoke system.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Near-full-span ailerons have narrower chord than those of Yak-55M, without horn balances; elevators and rudder of greater area than Yak-55M. Trim tab on each elevator. Suspended balance tab below each aileron.

STRUCTURE: Generally similar to Yak-55M. Metal, single-spar wing with composites-covered ailerons and composites tips. Metal fuselage with steel firewall; composites-covered elevator and rudder.

LANDING GEAR: Non-retractable tailwheel type with spring steel legs on all three units; KT-98 mainwheels with 400x150 tyres; lockable, free-castoring tailwheel.

POWER PLANT: One 265 kW (355 hp) VOKBM M-14P air-cooled, nine-cylinder radial engine driving an MT-Propeller MTV-9-B-C/CL260-27 three-blade, constant-speed (hydraulic) metal propeller. Fuel in wing tanks, total capacity 120 litres (31.7 US gallons; 23.4 Imp gallons); inverted fuel and oil systems.

ACCOMMODATION: One person in inclined seat with recess for backpack parachute; fixed windscreen and one-piece sliding canopy.

SYSTEMS: Electrical system comprises lightweight 10 Ah generator and storage battery, both of US origin.

AVIONICS: Avionics fit of US origin.

EQUIPMENT: Optional smoke generation system; or glider hook.