TYPE: Light utility turboprop.

PROGRAMME: Developed from SM-92 Finist by Aerotech Slovakia, with emphasis on sport parachutist dropping; commissioned and financed by G-92 Commerce Ltd, of Nagybanyai 61, H-1025 Budapest, Hungary. Work began in early 2000, with first flight (newly built aircraft, HA-YDF) 7 November 2000; Hungarian type certificate awarded 14 December 2000; delivery to Wingglider Ltd in UK, January 2001. Second conversion, HA-YDG, produced from RA-44485, exhibited at Aero '01, Friedrichshafen, April 2001, and stationed with Skydive Center, Bad Saulgau, Germany, from June 2001. By mid-2002 Finist prototype RA-44482 had also received a Walter M 601 engine (with different design of cowling) as well as wingtip pods. Total of four completed by end February 2003 (excluding conversion of prototype).
Airframe and engine mounting produced by SmAZ at Smolensk; engine installation and cowling, paradrop step and handrails in vicinity of cabin door, new electrical system, instrument panel and engine controls by Aerotech Slovakia AS at Bratislava. Marketing by PB Aircraft, St Moritz, Switzerland.

POWER PLANT: One 400 kW (536 shp) Walter M 601D-2 turboshaft, driving an Avia V-508D-2 three-blade, fully feathering, reversible-pitch propeller. Optional ferry tank.

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and 10 parachutists; alternatively, pilot and up to seven passengers on lightweight seats.