TYPE: Six-seat utility transport.

PROGRAMME: Technoavia SM-94 developed in early 1990s as six-seat version of Yak-18T, incorporating Western avionics and aerodynamic refinements, including all-metal wings and empennage with all surfaces reprofiled to give squarer appearance, three-blade propeller, increased tankage and two-piece windscreen replacing multipane design. SM94-1 development aircraft (RA-44486) shown at MAKS, Moscow, in 1997, but progress subsequently slowed by financial considerations.
In August 2002, however, RA-44542 was shown for the first time with the full range of SM-94 upgrades, its designation now being SM-2000P, the final letter differentiating it from the further developed SM-2000 turboprop, described separately.
Data generally as for Yakovlev Yak-18T, except where indicated.

POWER PLANT: One VOKBM M-14X radial and MT-Propeller MTV-9 three-blade, variable-pitch propeller. Max fuel 660 litres (174 US gallons; 145 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Six persons, including pilot(s).