TYPE: Light utility turboprop.

PROGRAMME: Second-stage development of Yakovlev Yak-18T, combining aerodynamic refinements of SM-2000P with stretched fuselage and turboprop engine. Prototype (RA-44445) made public debut at MAKS '03, Moscow, August 2003.

COSTS: US$600,000 including weather radar, IFR avionics and de-icing (2003).

DESIGN FEATURES: As Yak-18T and SM-2000P, but with longer fuselage, additional cabin door and wingtip pods, Airframe life 10,000 hours or 20 years.

POWER PLANT: One 560 kW (751 shp) Walter M 601E turboprop driving an Avia V-508E three-blade, variable pitch propeller. Fuel capacity 860 litres (227 US gallons; 189 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Five persons, including one or two pilot(s); rear three in semi-club arrangement with single forward-facing rear seat. Folding table. Crew door each side; passenger door port, rear.

SYSTEMS: De-icing.

AVIONICS: IFR standard fit.
Radar: Weather radar optional in starboard wingtip pod.