TYPE: Light multipurpose transport/passenger aircraft

POWERPLANTS: The M-101T Gzel/Sokol is powered by a single Motorlet M601F 760-hp turboprop engine.

DESCRIPTION: The aircraft is intended to comfortably carry 4-6 passengers at a range of over 1,000 km at an average speed of 500 km/h at an altitude of 6-8 km. The Gzhel’s production was commenced at the Sokol plant (Nizhny Novgorod). The M-101T’s maiden flight was made on 31 March, 1995. As of 2003, two planes had been built for static tests, another two had been manufactured as flying prototypes and yet another six planes make up a pre-production batch. Two planes were operationally evaluated by the Phoenix air company, one aircraft in 1999-2000 underwent its opeval with the Central African Airlines company. M-101T was certified under AP-23 standards on 30 December 2002. The Sokol aircraft plant launched production of a 15-ship batch.

Basic specifications  
Length, m 9,98
Wing span, m 13
Wing area, sq.m 17,06
Empty weight, kg 2100
Max take-off weight, kg 3200
Commercial load, kg 700
Max speed, km/h 525
Cruising speed, km/h 430
Service ceiling, m 7600
Range, km 1400
Powerplant Motorlet M601F 760-hp turboprop engine