TYPE: Combat trainer

POWERPLANTS: Two Larzac 04R20 engines

MISSION: The MiG-АТ aircraft is a classic configuration monoplane with a low mid-wing, two-seat tandem cockpit and two bypass turbojet engines. The aircraft’s aerodynamic layout and parameters allow it to perform flights practically in all subsonic flight modes characteristic of modern and prospective combat aircraft. Two Larzac 04R20 engines provide high steady-maneuvering loads, takeoff characteristics and rate of climb.

EQUIPMENT: The aircraft is equipped with integrated fly-bywire control system with digital and analogue parts redundancy. It provides required characteristics of stability and controllability, automatic limitation of angle of attack; engine thrust control, pre-selected radio altitude hold, spin recovery and bringing of the aircraft to straight and level flight. The MiG-AT combat trainer ensures effective high-quality preparation of flight personnel within the short time thanks to its design simplicity, high reliability of its airframe, power plant and systems, long service life and low-cost life cycle, high maintainability, and excellent flight characteristics. An interactive training system and simulators are offered for on-ground formation of flying and technical personnel.