English name: Bullfinch

TYPE: Six-seat utility transport.

PROGRAMME: Design started (by Aeroprogress/ROKS-Aero) in 1993; prototype construction began 1994; design revised 1998; first flight (RA-01522) 15 May 1999. No further information received; production status unclear.

DESIGN FEATURES: Conventional strut-braced high-wing monoplane. Constant-chord unswept wings; V bracing struts. Rectangular section fuselage. Unswept tail unit with long dorsal fin and horn-balanced elevators and rudder.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual, by pushrods and cables; slotted ailerons; electrically actuated single-slotted flaps; electrically actuated trim tab in each elevator. Dual controls standard.

STRUCTURE: Two-spar wing metal skinning around wingroot fuel tanks, remainder covered with Stits Poly-Fiber synthetic fabric. Welded tube truss fuselage, covered with metal sheet and synthetic fabric. Metal tail surfaces, fabric covered.

LANDING GEAR: Tailwheel type; fixed. Single wheel on each unit, with fairings optional on mainwheels. Spring-type tailwheel unit with castoring tailwheel. Mainwheel tyre size 700x260; tailwheel 300x135. Brakes on mainwheels. Ski- and float-equipped versions under development in 2001.

POWER PLANT: One 265 kW (355 hp) VOKBM M-14P nine-cylinder radial driving an MT-Propeller MTV-9 three-blade, variable-pitch (hydraulic) propeller. Detailed description applies to this variant. Version with 559.3 kW (750 shp) Walter M 601 turboprop under development in 2001; future provision for versions with 224 kW (300 hp) Textron Lycoming IO-340 flat-six or 336 kW (450 shp) Rolls-Royce 250-B17F turboprop, each driving a Hartzell three-blade, constant-speed propeller. Fuel contained in four tanks in wingroots, each with filler port.

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and up to five passengers; four passenger seats in two rows with provision for fifth passenger alongside pilot. Forward-hinged fully glazed door on each side, with large passenger/cargo door on port side of cabin at rear.

SYSTEMS: Pneumatic system for starting engine and operating mainwheel brakes; pressure 50 bar (725 lb/sq in). Electrical system includes GSR-3000M engine-driven 27 V DC generator and 12SAM-28 battery.

AVIONICS: VFR avionics standard, IFR optional.
Flight: Includes ARK-25 ADF, AGB-96B gyro horizon and GPS.