English name: Hawk

TYPE: Two-seat lightplane.

PROGRAMME: Announced 2000; mockup displayed statically at MAKS 2001 at Moscow. Prototype was to be built in 2002, but nothing further has been reported.

DESIGN FEATURES: Powered, V-strut-braced wing with boom-mounted cruciform empennage and underslung fuselage pod. Intended for training, sport flying, aerial photography/surveillance and crop-spraying.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual; two-segment Fowler-type occupy some two-thirds of each wing.

STRUCTURE: Triangular section welded steel truss fuselage with rectangular section light alloy tailboom; light alloy two-spar tailplane and fin, metal skinned, with Stits fabric covering on rudder and elevators.

LANDING GEAR: Tricycle type; fixed. Single wheel on each main unit, twin nosewheels. Mainwheel size 500x150, nosewheel size 310x135. Semi-lever type suspension on main units; castoring nosewheel.

POWER PLANT: One 104.4 kW (140 hp) Walter M-332 inline four mounted at junction of wing/tailboom. Fuel contained in a single tank aft of cockpit bulkhead.

ACCOMMODATION: Two persons, side by side in streamlined enclosed cockpit pod with large windscreen and jettisonable transparent door on each side. Cargo compartment, capacity 200 kg (441 lb) aft of cockpit, with upward-hinged access door.