TYPE: Regional jet airliner.

PROGRAMME: Developed by Aviastep bureau in Moscow and promoted by Irkut. Design began in 2000; first details released in 2002; model shown at Paris, June 2003.

DESIGN FEATURES: Ultra-wide body, with aerofoil characteristics, partly blended with conventional wings and podded engines. Lift/drag ratio of 17 at cruising speeds, compared with 13 to 15 of conventional airliner designs. Fuselage width demands V tail for control effectiveness.

FLYING CONTROLS: Two rudders on V tail; elevators in 'beaver tail' between finroots.

POWER PLANT: Two turbofans.

ACCOMMODATION: Typically, 100 passengers and 9,800 kg (21,605 lb) of freight. Maximum 106 passengers in single class.