TYPE: Wide-bodied airliner

DESCRIPTION: The IL-96-300 longrange wide-body airliner is designed to carry passengers, luggage and cargo on domestic and international trunk routes to a distance of up to 13,500 km. The aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 250 tonnes, and can accommodate up to 289 passengers or almost 40 tonnes of commercial payload, with fuel consumption up to 7.3 tonnes per flight hour. The IL-96-300 features advanced digital avionics, inertial navigation system and satellite navigation tools, as well as fly-by-wire controls. The airliner is able to perform landings in weather conditions of ICAO IIIA category. The IL-96-300 VIP-version's interior is made on the basis of original design concepts with the use of certified materials supplied by leading producers. The cabin interior improvements provide maximum comfort and fully meet international requirements for VIP cabins.

Length, m 55.35
Wing span, m 60.105
Max take-off weight, t 240
Cruising air speed, km/h 850
Max cruising altitude, m 12,000
Service range, km 10,000
Powerplant 4 x PS-90A turbofans