TYPE: Medium transport jet

POWERPLANTS: The Il-76 powered by four D-30KP 12,000-kgf engines

DESCRIPTION: The Il-76 is a medium transport jet featuring a lifting capacity of 40-47 tonnes. The prototype’s maiden flight was made on 25 March, 1971. Since 1973, it has been in series production at the Tashkent Aircraft Production Corporation (TAPC). Over 850 aircraft have been built, of which 120 were exported. The primary versions are the Il-76M and Il-76MD military transports; Il-76T and Il-76TD civilian transports; Il-76MDPS SAR aircraft equipped with an airdroppable rescue boat; Il-76P firefighter. Il-76MD was followed by the Il-76MF medium military transport aircraft with PS-90A-76 (14000 kgf) engines and lengthened fuselage. Its load capacity was 52 t. The first flight took place on 1 August 1995. Series production was prepared at TAPC, where several airframes for this aircraft had been made by 2003. Besides, the issue of Il-76MF production for the Russian Air Force at VASO plant (Voronezh) is being considered. Civil version of Il-76MF is named as Il-76TF. Together with production of new Il-76MF and Il-76TF freighters, previous Il-76MD and Il-76TD aircraft are supposed to be upgraded by installation of new PS-90A-76 turbofans.

Length, m 53.19
Wing span, m 50.5
Wing area, sq.m 300.0
Empty weight, kg 101 000
Normal take-off weight, kg 170 000
Max take-off weight, kg 190 000
Commercial load, kg 47 000
Max speed, km/h 850
Service ceiling, m 12 000
Range, km 5200