TYPE: Patrol aircraft

DESCRIPTION: The IL-114P patrol aircraft is designed for aerial patrolling of exclusive economic zones, ports and sea coast, as well as air pollution control and environmental monitoring. The IL-114P searches for and detects surface vessels, identifies and locates them, determines their movement parameters; reveals cases of state border/economic area trespassing and provides target designation of trespassers. The aircraft can also be used for search, rescue and evacuation of casualties, and cargo transportation. The IL-114P is capable of autonomous operation in adverse weather conditions, day and night, in a variety of climates. The aircraft and its systems are operated according to the "on-condition" maintenance scheme. The onboard electronic equipment includes surveillance radar, IR and television imaging systems, managing computer system, recording equipment, communication and automatic data transmission equipment, and environmental monitoring and photography system. External equipment includes searchlight and loudspeaker pods, gun pod, and survival equipment containers.