TYPE: Passenger aircraft

POWERPLANTS: IL-114 powered by two TV7-117S 2,500-hp engines.

DESCRIPTION: A passenger aircraft designed for local airlines and powered by two TV7-117S 2,500-hp engines to carry 64 passengers. The prototype’s maiden flight was made on 29 March 1990. Two flying prototypes were built. Series production commenced in 1992 by the Tashkent Aircraft Production Corporation (TAPC). By 2003, about 10 aircraft has been manufactured. The aircraft gained its IAC certificate on 24 April, 1997. The Il-114 commercial operation began on 27 August, 1998 in Uzbekistan: the Uzbekistan Airways flag carrier took delivery of the first two-ship batch. By the beginning of 2003, Vyborg Airlines (Russia) had used two Il-114 aircraft. The following variants were derived from the Il-114: the Il-114T transport featuring a lifting capacity of 7 tonnes with the fly-out performed on 14 September, 1996; Il-114P border guard patrol aircraft fitted with the Strizh system; Il-114-100 – a version of the Il-114 powered by two Pratt&Whitney Canada PW-127H 2,750-hp turboprops with the maiden flight made on 26 January, 1999 and its certificate obtained on 24 December, 1999; Il-114-100T – a transport version of the Il-114-100; etc.

Length, m 26.88
Wing span, m 30.0
Wing area, sq.m 81.9
Max take-off weight, kg 22700
Commercial load, kg 6500
Cruising speed, km/h 500
Service ceiling, m 7600
Range, km 1000