TYPE: Multi-purpose amphibian

POWERPLANTS: 2 x TCM-IO-360ES piston engines.

DESCRIPTION: The Be-103 light amphibious aircraft is designed for passenger and cargo transportation; medical evacuation; fire prevention, surveillance, and maritime environmental monitoring operations; recreational flights; and agricultural applications.
The Be-103’s amphibious capability allow it to operate in areas with sufficient water surface (rivers, lakes) and remote regions where runway construction is either impossible or economically unfeasible. Certificated in compliance with the AP-23 requirements, the Be-103 also got the ICAO certificate in Dec. 2001.
The aircraft is fitted with integrated flight navigation and communications systems enabling operation in adverse weather conditions, by day and night. On customer request the aircraft can be fitted with autopilot, satellite navigation system, and weather radar. All versions can be equipped with a copilot (instructor) flight control station.

Length, m 10.65
Wing span, m 12.72
Height, m 3.757
Cargo hold dimensions, m:  
- length 3.65
- height 1.23
- width 1.25
Take-off weight, kg 2,270
Payload, kg 385
Max air cruising speed, km/h 260
Service ceiling, m up to 3,000
Max range, km 1,250
Take-off run (water/surface), m 440/310
Landing roll (water/surface), m 320/240
Wave height, m up to 0.5
Powerplant 2 x TCM-IO-360ES piston engines
Crew 1
Passenger seats 5