TYPE: Antisubmarine warfare (ASW) amphibian jet

POWERPLANT: 2 x D-30KPV 12,000-kgf turbofans

HISTORY: The A-40 Albatross is a antisubmarine warfare (ASW) amphibian jet powered by two D-30KPV 12,000-kgf turbofans — the worldlargest aircraft of this type. Its maiden flight was performed on 8 December, 1986. Two prototypes were built. The Be-42 SAR amphibian powered by two D-27A propfans was derived from the A-40 and is currently under construction.

Length, m 43.84
Wing span, m 41.6
Wing area, sq.m 200.0
Max take-off weight, kg 86000
Max speed, km/h 820
Cruising speed, km/h 760
Cervice ceiling, m 9700
Range, km 5500