TYPE: Side-by-side lightplane/kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Prototype (FLARF-02647) first flew (in floatplane configuration) 22 June 1998; public debut at Gelendzhik 98 seaplane show, and in landplane version at MAKS, Moscow, August 1999; evaluated during 1999 and 2000 by AvtoZavod Flying Club in Togliatti. Seventh production airframe, under construction in mid-2001, is first with Rotax 914 engine.

CURRENT VERSIONS: A-27: Baseline version with Hirth engine.
A-27M Advantage: Version with 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) Rotax 912 ULS engine driving a Kiev ground-adjustable pitch propeller or 84.6 kW (113.4 hp) Rotax 914 ULS, driving a variable-pitch propeller. Several minor design changes, including more rounded forward lower fuselage surfaces, but description generally as for A-27, except where indicated.

CUSTOMERS: In early 2004, it was disclosed that the A-27M had been chosen by the government of Kyrgizia for a joint venture, with development of the aircraft for the Ministry of Ecology and Emergency Situations, the Border Service and the Agency for the Control of Narcotics. One aircraft was reported to have been tested; further development was contingent on the necessary funding being available.
In March 2005, company announced sale of one A-27-24 to OOO Agroalliance.

COSTS: Kit USD14,000, excluding instruments (USD700), landing gear and Rotax 912 engine (USD14,000). Ex-works, complete, with wheels, USD35,500 (1999). Wheel landing gear USD1,000; skis USD250 to USD350; floats USD1,200 and USD1,650.

DESIGN FEATURES: Braced, high-wing monoplane with single main and two jury struts each side. Sweptback fin and rudder; unswept wings and horizontal tail. Meets JAR-VLA certification requirements.

FLYING CONTROLS: Manual. Ailerons, rudder and all-moving tailplane with anti-balance tab. Flaps. A-27M has fixed tailplane with elevators, and ailerons with external mass balances.

STRUCTURE: Tube metal fuselage with composites skin.

LANDING GEAR: Tricycle type; fixed. Cantilever, metal mainwheel legs; telescopic, leaf-sprung nosewheel leg. Mainwheel size 400x150; nosewheel size 300x125. Optional floats or skis.

POWER PLANT (A-27): One 70.8 kW (95 hp) Hirth F30 flat-four driving a four-blade, ground-adjustable pitch propeller. Fuel capacity: 80 litres (21.1 US gallons; 17.6 Imp gallons); (A-27M) 100 litres (26.4 US gallons; 22.0 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Two persons, side by side; forward-hinged door each side. Luggage space behind seats.


Data refer to both versions, except where indicated.


  • Wing span: A-27: 10.60 m (34 ft 9¼ in)
    • A-27M: 10.00 m (32 ft 9¾ in)
  • Wing chord, constant: 1.35 m (4 ft 5¼ in)
  • Length overall: A-27: 6.30 m (20 ft 8 in)
    • A-27M: 6.50 m (21 ft 4 in)
  • Height overall: 2.22 m (7 ft 3½ in)


  • Weight empty: A-27: 335 kg (739 lb)
    • A-27M: 325 kg (717 lb)
  • Max T-O weight: A-27: 600 kg (1,322 lb)
    • A-27M: 650 kg (1,433 lb)
  • Max power loading: A-27: 8.47 kg/kW (13.92 lb/hp)
    • A-27M: 8.84 kg/kW (14.53 lb/hp)


  • Max level speed: A-27: 95 kt (175 km/h; 109 mph)
    • A-27M: 97 kt (180 km/h; 112 mph)
  • Normal cruising speed: A-27: 70 kt (130 km/h; 81 mph)
    • A-27M: 70-81 kt (130-150 km/h; 81-93 mph)
  • T-O run: 100 m (330 ft)
  • Range: A-27: 324 n miles (600 km; 372 miles)
    • A-27M: 540 n miles (1,000 km; 621 miles)