Founded on 1 January 1939 as GAZ-99, the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant formed on 26 October 2000 and was formally incorporated as such on 23 January 2001, having previously been known as Ulan-Ude Aviation Industrial Association. It manufactures a wide range of items, from helicopters and aeroplanes to spares and domestic equipment. Is only Russian Federation plant currently producing both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. Employees in 2000 totalled 5,056.
The factory has built An-24 transports, Yak-25RV reconnaissance aircraft and MiG-27 fighter-bombers, together totalling 2,500 aeroplanes. Helicopter production began in 1956, progressing through Ka-15, Ka-18 and Ka-25 to the 1970 launch of Mi-8 manufacture; total of 3,700 Mi-8 series built. Current products include modern developments of the Mil Mi-8/Mi-17 series of helicopters (including ten Mi-171s delivered to China in 1999 and 21 to Iran in 2000-01); and the Sukhoi Su-25UBK combat trainer and its related Su-39 attack aircraft. In 2001 revealed Mi-171 variant with rear loading ramp of own design, thus directly competing with Kazan's Mi-8MTV-5. Gained Far East order for five Mi-171Sh (Mi-8AMTSh) combat helicopters in 2001 and sold 10 Mi-171s to Malaysia. Four Mi-171s to Pakistan, June 2002, with 12 more following by end of that year. Also in 2001, was building two Su-25TMs with own funds. Will build Kamov Ka-62 and Ka-64. Also undertakes overhaul and upgrades, including five refurbished Mi-8AMTs supplied to Iranian Navy in 1999. Government shareholding is 38 per cent. Joint venture with SME Aviation of Malaysia, 1999, for promotion of Mi-8/Mi-17 and Su-25.

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  • Address: ulitsa Khorinskaya 1, 670009 Ulan-Ude, Buryatia
  • Tel: +7 (3012) 25-33-86, +7 (3012) 48-03-95, +7 (3012) 48-03-91
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