SOKOL NIZHEGORODSKY AVIASTROITELNYI ZAVOD AOOT (Sokol Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft Manufacturing Plant JSC)

Founded (as GAZ-21) on 1 February 1932, this production plant concentrated on fighter aircraft manufacture until the start of the konversiya programme led to retooling for civilian production; registered as a JSC on 22 September 1994. Joined Kaskol group of companies in 2000.
Built 17,691 fighters up to end of Second World War. From 1949, in collaboration with the Mikoyan OKB, it manufactured 2,148 MiG-15s (1949-51), 2,470 MiG-17s (1951-54), 1,125 MiG-19s (1955-58), 5,278 (or 5,752) MiG-21s (1957-85) and 1,186 MiG-25s (1966-85). Russian Ministry of Property holds 38 per cent of shares, which equivalent to 50.5 per cent of voting rights; Apone SA (16.99 per cent) Kaskol Group (15.67 per cent) and Vostokvneshtorg Group (7.00 per cent) are remaining major shareholders. Current or recent products include the MiG-29UB (from kits supplied from Moscow), MiG-31 and Yak-130 jet trainer; 90 per cent of Yak-130 tooling in place by mid-2000 and first preproduction aircraft completed in mid-2003. It is also responsible for supplying kits for upgrading 125 Indian Air Force MiG-21s to MiG-21-93 standard, with an initial order for 36. Agreement reached in July 2000 on upgrading half of Russian Air Forces' 280 MiG-31s.
Civilian programmes include manufacture of the Myasishchev M-101 Gzhel six-seat turboprop light aircraft, a prototype AeroRIC Dingo amphibious aircraft with air cushion landing gear and Avia Accord twin-engined light multipurpose aircraft; plans also exist for Myasishchev M-202 production. M-101 marketing is first task of New Regional Aircraft Company (NORS), formed 18 April 2001 by Sokol, Myasishchev and Kaskol financial group. AeroRIC Research-Industrial Company is co-located with Sokol; by 2001 its Dingo project was in suspension because of financial shortfall.
Plans to build MiG-110 twin-turboprop transport apparently not overtaken by announcement in early 2000 of its reallocation to MAPO and discussions on continued participation in programme under way with RSK "MiG" in mid-2000. Agreement of 2001 covers production of wings and noses for navalised MiG-29K, plus complete MiG-29KUB trainers. Production of the Eurospace F-15-F Excalibur four-seat touring aircraft was halted at an early stage when a contract for almost 100 was cancelled; some 20 airframes remained at Nizhny Novgorod in June 2000, when 10 sold to Turbine Design in USA.
Other products, in conjunction with AeroRIC, include Volga-2 WIGE craft, air cushion vehicles and Sokol 330 hydrofoil. Offers 'familiarisation' flights in MiG-29UB, MiG-21U and L-29 Delfin. Employment (including part-time) was 9,000 in 2001.

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  • Address: ulitsa Chaadaeva 1, 603035 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
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