Original Moscow Aircraft Production Organisation (MAPO) renamed by official decree of 8 December 1999 as RSK ‘MiG’ and its Botkinsky manufacturing plant dedicated to former director (1932-1982) Pavel A Voronin. Up to 1999, MAPO (formerly MMZ No. 30 Znamaya Truda [Banner of Labour]) had built 25,000 aircraft of 40 types, from the Nieuport IV of 1913 to the MiG-29. On 5 October 1999, it was nominated as a production centre for the Tupolev Tu-334 airliner in return for contributing 50 per cent of certification costs.
Service activities include complete maintenance support and pilot training; is also involved Chinese Chengdu FC-1 fighter programme, China.
Aircraft production is at the Voronin centre, which comprises original Botkinsky Street premises alongside the Mikoyan design complex in Moscow; at Kalyazin; and at LAPIK, Lukhovitsy. However, in 2001, construction began at Lukhovitsy of a 12,600 m² (135,625 sq ft) Tu-334 assembly hall; this was commissioned in January 2003, launching move of almost all of Voronin plant out of central Moscow, whereupon most of Botkinsky site will be sold in settlement of debts to Moscow local government, leaving only subassembly manufacture and company headquarters within city. Personnel in 2003 totalled 14,500.
Members of RSK ‘MiG’ are:
Full members:
1. A.I. Mikoyan OKB Engineering Centre, Moscow (design of new aircraft and upgrades).
2. MiG Light Civil Aircraft Moscow (formed November 2001 as separate light aviation division, MiG-MGA).
3. LAPIK: formerly LMZ, Lukhovitsy (series production and flight testing).
4. Kalyazin Machine-Building Plant.
5. V.Ya. Klimov Plant, St Petersburg (engines, gearboxes, accessories).
6. Soyuz Machine-Building design Bureau, Tushino (engines, gearboxes, accessories).
7. Ryazan State Instrument Plant, Ryazan (airborne and ground test equipment).
8. Electroavtomatika Design Bureau, St Petersburg (airborne and ground test equipment).
9. A.V. Fedotov Flight Test Centre, Zhukovsky.
10. MiG-Resurs, Moscow.
11. MiG-Rost, Moscow.
Associate members:
1. Kamov Company, Lybertsy (helicopter design and manufacture).
2. V.V. Chernyshev Machine-Building Enterprise, Moscow.
3. Krasny Oktyabr Machine-Building Enterprise, St Petersburg.
4. Pribor JSC, Kursk.
5. Aviatest, Scientific-Engineering Enterprise, Rostov-on-Don.

Additional Info

  • Address: 7, 1-st Botkinsky drive, Moscow, 125284, Russia
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