Established in 1941, Polyot is one of the largest aerospace enterprise in Russia, with facilities extending over more than 15 km² (5.8 sq miles) and up to 20,000 employees. During the Second World War it manufactured 3,405 Tupolev Tu-2 bombers and Yakovlev Yak-7 and Yak-9 fighters in 2½ years; post-war products included 758 Ilyushin Il-28 jet bombers and 58 Tupolev Tu-104 jet transports. It remains state-owned. The Antonov An-74 series of STOL transports is in low-rate production.
Polyot manufactured SS-4, SS-7 and SS-11 strategic missiles, warheads, and first-stage engines for Zenith and Energiya rocket launch vehicles. Other products include many spacecraft and variety of consumer goods under konversiya programmes.
In June 1997, Polyot and Baranov Engine Manufacturing Association relaunched the Antonov An-3 programme (An-2 with 1,140 kW; 1,529 shp OMKB TVD-20 turboprop). Certification of factory to build An-3 received by May 2000, but funding unavailable for production line and only conversions of An-2s being considered. An-3 work was interrupted during the first half of 2001 when Polyot repaired the prototype Antonov An-70 after it had crashed following take-off from Omsk. Revealed in September 2001 that Polyot selected to assemble An-70s ordered for Russian Air Forces; first An-70 originally intended to fly in 2003. Required investment to begin An-70 production (Polyot to build cargo hold) quoted in late 2001 as Rb3 billion, of which Russian government and Omsk regional government each donating Rb1,050 million.

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