GIDROPLAN OOO (Hydroplane Ltd)

Gidroplan Ltd was formed in 1995 and has marketed amphibian lightplanes designed by the Chernov bureau.
This venture was placed on a firmer footing in late 2000 when Gidroplan invested the equivalent of US$500,000 in acquiring 3,500 m² (37,675 sq ft) of working area from the Samara Instrument Bearing Plant and installing production equipment. Manufacturing activities include the Tsikada (Cicada) twin-engined ultralight agricultural aircraft, some six which were manufactured before production ceased, and the Che-22 Corvette amphibian.
In recent years, designers associated with Gidroplan have produced flying prototypes of three lightplanes not promoted outside Russia. These are the A-17 single-seat ultralight (260 kg; 572 lb MTOW, 22.4 kW; 30 hp engine, believed from SGAU); Chernov Che-40 flying-boat (two Rotax 582 engines); and Ul'tralayt twin-tailboom ultralight (600 kg; 1,322 lb MTOW, Rotax 912 S) built in 1998 by E Yungerovym and S Seleznevym.

Additional Info

  • Address: 18 km, Moskovskoye Shosse, Litera A, A', Samara 443056
  • Tel: +7 (846) 278-8042, +7 (927) 904-5808, +7 (846) 278-8140
  • Fax: +7 (846) 278-8042
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