At the August 1999 MAKS air show, Ehlitar (which adopts the Western form, Elitar and was formed in 1997) displayed the newly flown IE-101 lightplane and released initial details of the Senator.
In addition to these light aircraft Elitar is also developing the E-301 and E-401 high-wing, twin-engined light transports, seating four to five and nine persons, respectively. A four-seat business 'triplane', the Premier, has been under design since 2000.
In August 2003, Elitar unveiled the 202 and also displayed the previously known Sigma-4, formerly credited to the Albatross bureau.
Members of the Elitar design and production team work for MiG, Molniya and Sukhoi design bureaux and have been responsible for the M-5 Oktyabr and M-9 Marafon ultralights.

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