Original Aviacomplex company established in 1990 to build prototypes of the AS-2 two-seat lightplane. Renamed Albatros on 16 June 1991. Testing of the AS-2 was completed in collaboration with CAHI (TsAGI) and LII Flight Research Institute. Production by Aviacomplex and Myasishchev Engineering Bureau, with participation by other Russian companies. At 1999 Moscow Air Show (MAKS), a production AS-2 was shown under new designation of Albatros AS-3A and first details were revealed of a development, the Sigma-4, but no further details of either aircraft have been received from Albatross. However, the Sigma-4 was shown at the 2003 MAKS, credited to Elitar.
The AS-3A designation appears to have been re-applied to a considerably revised design, incorporating a pusher propeller, of which basic details have been received.

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