Vladimir Grigor’yevich Yermolayev worked on Stal-6 and -7, seized opportunity when Bartini arrested and became leading member of special KB to continue Stal-7 and produce bomber version. Stalin’s interest January…
Boris Nikolayevich Yuriev was, despite crippling lack of money, greatest Soviet pioneer of helicopter, of necessity carrying out most work on paper (though one experimental machine with 30-hp Anzani built…
Light helicopter with pulsejet tip drive produced by B.Ya. Zherebtsov, assisted by Yu.S. Braginski and Yu.L. Starinin, flown 1950.
ZIG-1 fast passenger transport, also designated PS-89, was designed by Laville 1933.
Aleksandr Ivanovich Zlokazov was senior GVF (civil fleet) engineer at Irkutsk when he designed ARK-3 all-metal 10-passenger or cargo monoplane for Arctic transport (about 10 May 1935).
Factory for Special Construction, division of CAHI headed by Petlyakov 1936 until arrest 1937.
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