TYPE: Two-seat lightplane.

PROGRAMME: Definition phase and marketing studies started early 1991; detail design began late 1991; development phase initiated mid-1992; first of two prototypes (YR-1037) shown at Paris Air Show June 1993 and made first flight November that year, followed by flight test evaluation, static test and ground testing for JAR-VLA compliance. Development of 02 second prototype began at end of 1995; this aircraft (YR-BVC) made first flight in April 1997; manufacturer's preliminary flight test programme completed August 1999; JAR-VLA certification (Utility category) by Romanian CAA began mid-1998 and received November 1999; YR-BVC registered to Airclub Romania in August 2000; FAA certification expected in September 2000 but apparently still awaited in mid-2003. Further three production aircraft built and stored by late 1998; eventually registered April 2001.

CURRENT VERSIONS: IAR-46: Basic version.
IAR-46S: Entered production in 2000. First three (c/n 03 to 05) registered to Airclub of Romania in April 2001. 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) Rotax 912 S3 engine.

DESIGN FEATURES: Low-wing monoplane; GA(W)-1 aerofoil section) with high aspect ratio; raked tips; T tail. Dihedral 2° from centre-section; incidence 4° at root; no twist. Foldable horizontal tail surfaces.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Actuation by pushrods and cables; trim tab in each elevator. Manually operated plain trailing-edge flaps.

STRUCTURE: All-metal except fabric covering on elevators and rudder and GFRP for non-stressed fairings. Wing has main and auxiliary spars. Fluted aluminium skins on ailerons and flaps.

LANDING GEAR: Retractable (manual/mechanical) single mainwheels with hydraulic shock-absorbers and hydraulic, toe-operated disc brakes; steerable, non-retractable tailwheel rubber-in-compression shock-absorption. Rearward-retracting 5.00x5 Matco or Cleveland mainwheels, with 360x110 tyres, pressure 3.00 bar (43.5 lb/sq in). Tost 210x65 tailwheel and tyre, pressure 2.50 bar (36 lb/sq in).

POWER PLANT: One 59.6 kW (79.9 hp) Rotax 912 F3 (IAR-46) or 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) Rotax 912 S3 (IAR-46S) flat-four engine, with 2.43:1 reduction gearing to a Hoffmann HO-V352F/170FQ two-blade variable-pitch propeller ('170FQ+6 in IAR-46S). Fuel in single tank in fuselage, capacity 70 litres (18.5 US gallons; 15.4 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Two adjustable backrest seats side by side; dual controls standard; adjustable rudder pedals. Fixed windscreen and rearward-sliding jettisonable canopy. Baggage compartment aft of seats. Cockpit heated and ventilated.

SYSTEMS: Electrical power supplied by 250 W 14 V DC alternator and 12 V 25 Ah battery. Hydraulic system for mainwheel brakes only, with parking brake valve.

AVIONICS: Instrumentation: Standard VFR instrumentation to JAR 22.1303 and JAR 22.1305. Options include horizon and directional gyros, turn co-ordinator and Becker nav/com and transponder avionics package.

EQUIPMENT: Anti-collision and position lights standard; ground power receptacle optional.