Factory, established 1925 and fully rebuilt 1968, continues work begun by IAR-Brasov; occupies 136 ha (336 acre) site, including 185,400 m² (1,995,625 sq ft) factory area, and had early 2003 workforce of about 1,300. Now the sole Romanian manufacturer of helicopters, it has produced more than 200 Alouette IIIs and 160 Pumas under French licence. Currently has full capacity and capabilities for design and development; manufacturing aircraft structural items; general assembling; integration of modern avionics and systems; maintenance, overhaul and repair works; modernisation programme; flight test and certification; and customer support. Certification to JAR 21, 145 and 147 was expected to be finalised in 2003.
IAR is a major supplier to the Romanian MoD. Main product is the IAR-330 L Puma, manufactured under Eurocopter licence; currently carrying out Puma SOCAT upgrading programme to meet Romanian MoD requirements for an advanced armed helicopter. Based on Eurocopter Romania SA joint venture created 21 June 2001, IAR also provides worldwide Puma fleet logistic support, customisation work and upgrading such as Makila 1A1 reengining; advanced avionics; new autopilot; and new optional equipment.
IAR also manufactures own-designed IAR-46S very light aircraft; has produced some 830 IS-28M2/GR motor gliders and IS-28/29/35 series gliders; spares for IAR-330 Puma and IAR-316 B Alouette III helicopters; aircraft components.
In July 2000, IAR Brasov was named as first partner of ATG in production of latter's SkyCat 200 airship.

Additional Info

  • Address: 1 Aeroportului Street, PO Box 198, R-2200 Brasov, Romania
  • Tel: (+40 268) 47 51 08
  • Fax: (+40 268) 47 69 81
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