English name: Whale

TYPE: Four-seat utility twin.

PROGRAMME: Started October 2001; revealed at Friedrichshafen air show, April 2003; prototype completed at that time; maiden flight achieved (SP-YEN) 8 August 2003; planned certification to JAR 23, Normal category. Seen as progenitor of family which would eventually include six-seat, pressurised, retractable-gear and amphibious floatplane versions.

CURRENT VERSIONS (planned): Rotax 912 versions: Four-seat executive/tourer; executive/cargo; rescue/ambulance; FLIR-carrying reconnaissance.
Diesel versions: Executive tourer; and E-O reconnaissance with radar and data downlink. Twin diesels of 101 to 149 kW (135 to 200 hp).
Turboprop versions: Executive with pressurised cabin and retractable gear; four-seat executive with amphibious floats; stretched, six-seat executive with additional door; and amphibious floatplane version of last-named. Twin turboprops of 261 to 298 kW (350 to 400 shp).

DESIGN FEATURES: Multirole capabilities and near-STOL runway requirements. high-mounted, tapered wings with twin pusher engines; tadpole-shaped fuselage with sweptback fin and rudder; tapered, low-set horizontal tail surfaces.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Flaps and ailerons each constructed in left and right halves; horn-balanced elevator with flight-adjustable tab; horn-balanced rudder with adjustable tab.

STRUCTURE: All-composites.

LANDING GEAR: Tricycle type; fixed. Mainwheels, on cantilever legs, size 6.00-6; nosewheel size 5.00-5.

POWER PLANT: Two 73.5 kW (98.6 hp), wing-mounted Rotax 912 ULS flat-four engines, each driving a Woodcomp three-blade constant-speed pusher propeller. Two fuel tanks in each wing, combined capacity 240 litres (63.4 US gallons; 52.8 Imp gallons).
Diesel and turboprop engines (to be selected) envisaged for later versions.

ACCOMMODATION: Four seats in tandem pairs. Gull-wing windscreen/doors, hinged of centreline and opening upward. Baggage space aft of seats, expandable by folding or removal of three passenger seats.

AVIONICS: VFR and IFR, according to version.