TYPE: Primary prop trainer/sportplane.

PROGRAMME: Designed in collaboration with Warsaw University of Technology; originally called Koliber Junior; prototype construction began in late 1997. Programme delayed; prototype (SP-PRG) first flew 17 June 2000, but by mid-2003 still awaiting certification to FAR/JAR 23 (VFR and IFR), including spinning and other basic aerobatics. By mid-2003 programme was reported to be suspended.

DESIGN FEATURES: Low-wing monoplane with sweptback vertical tail and small ventral fin; intended as inexpensive primary trainer for Polish aeroclubs; utilises some components of PZL-110 Koliber. Dihedral 4°; incidence 4°.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Two elevator trim tabs; ground-adjustable tabs on rudder and both ailerons; rudder and elevators horn-balanced. Fowler flaps.

STRUCTURE: Generally of metal. Fluted control surfaces.

LANDING GEAR: Non-retractable, trailing-link tricycle type; oleo-pneumatic shock-absorbers.

POWER PLANT: One 86.5 kW (116 hp) Textron Lycoming O-235-L2C flat-four engine, driving a Hoffmann HO14HM-175-131 two blade, fixed-pitch propeller. Fuel capacity 100 litres (26.4 US gallons; 22.0 Imp gallons), of which 95 litres (25.1 US gallons; 20.9 Imp gallons) are usable.

ACCOMMODATION: Two seats side by side in fully enclosed cabin. Two-piece gull-wing canopy.