PZL Mielec

Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Mielec Sp. z o.o. (Polish Aviation Factory LLC)

As the result of a restructuring process carried out by the Polish government, the former WSK-PZL Mielec and its subsidiary PZL Mielec Aircraft Company Ltd were subjected to liquidation proceedings in 1998. To replace the parent company, a new business entity under the above title came into operation on 23 October 1998. With its more than 60 years of history, a late 2002 workforce of 1,700 and the production facilities, technology, design and testing capabilities inherited from its predecessor, Polish Aviation Factory LLC remains the largest and best-equipped aircraft manufacturing plant in Poland. It is licensed to operate within the Europark Mielec special economic zone. In July 1999, its production facilities were certified by Poland's General Inspectorate of Civil Aviation under JAR 21 Subsection G, followed in September 1999 by design organisation approval under JAR 21 Subsection A. Quality management system (QMS) certification has been awarded by BAE Systems, and similar approval from Boeing was awarded subsequently. In mid-2001, the factory was progressing towards ISO 9001 and AQAP-110 certification.
PZL's current indigenous aircraft programmes comprise the M18 Dromader, M26 Iskierka, M28B Bryza M28 Skytruck. Four An-2s delivered to the Vietnamese People's Air Force in January 2002 following brief reopening of the Polish production line to complete aircraft abandoned a decade earlier; service support for some 12,000 previously delivered An-2s continues. Subcontract work continues for BAE Systems (Hawk), Boeing (757), GKN Westland (for Boeing 737), Saab (Gripen) and Pratt & Whitney.

Additional Info

  • Address: ulica Wojska Polskiego 3, PL-39-300 Mielec, Poland
  • Tel: (+48 17) 788 64 56 and 788 79 21
  • Fax: (+48 17) 788 72 26 and 788 78 29
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