Podlaska Wytwórnia Samolotów (Podlasian aeroplane factory) was established 1923 at Biala Podlaska, with extensive facilities which grew with large orders for licensed aircraft, notably Avia and Potez. From 1926 produced own prototypes, PWS.1 parasol 2-seat fighter, PWS.3 light 2-seater, PWS.4 ultralight, PWS.7 advanced trainer biplane, PWS.10 parasol fighter (1927, 80 built), PWS.11 fighter trainer, PWS.12/14/16/26 biplane advanced trainers, PWS.20 8-passenger transport, and PWS.21/24 6-passenger transports. From 1934 PWS built licensed designs, and was almost out of business by 1939.

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