Lubelska Wytwórnia Samolotów Sp Akc established Lublin 1935, taking over offices and factory of Plage i Laśkiewicz. First product actually built was LWS.2, high-wing ambulance designed by Zbyslaw Ciolkosz, prototype only 1937. LWS.3 Mewa (gull) was potentially important STOL recon and army co-op aircraft (730-hp GR 14M), first of 3 prototypes flown autumn 1937 but first production aircraft delayed until 2nd day of war. Ciolkosz had been working on PZL.30B transport, and this was continued as bomber called LWS.4. Outstandingly faulty design, with airframe designed for 450-hp Wasp engines yet actually fitted with 680-hp Pegasus. Prototype disintegrated 1937, but in panic programme 14 delivered before war, overweight, landing gear locked down and with other shortcomings. LWS.6 Zubr (bison), planned 'cured' version, remained prototype.

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