INSTYTUT LOTNICTWA (Aviation Institute)

Founded 1926; recognised as main design, research and development centre for Polish government organisations and aviation industry; conducts scientific research, including investigation of problems associated with low-speed and high-speed aerodynamics, static and fatigue tests, development and testing of aero-engines, flight instruments, space science instrumentation, and other equipment, flight tests, and materials technology; also responsible for construction of aircraft and aero-engines. I-23 Manager lightplane programme now transferred to, and awaiting launch by, PZL-Świdnik; development of IS-2 helicopter in abeyance by April 2003.

Contact Details

Address: aleja Krakowska 110/114, PL-02-256 Warszawa
Tel: (+48 22) 846 00 11 and 846 08 01
Fax: (+48 22) 846 44 32

General Aviation Design Office:
Address and fax as above
Tel: (+48 22) 868 56 81

Marketing Department:
Address and fax as above
Tel: (+48 22) 846 38 12

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