Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) is the nucleus of the aeronautical industry in Pakistan. Its professional standards and reliability enable domestic customers and foreign agencies alike to undertake joint production with PAC in various fields. PAC Kamra comprises four factories: the Mirage Rebuild Factory (MRF), F-6 Rebuild Factory (F6-RF), Aircarft Manufacturing Factory (AMF) and Kamra Avionics and Radar Factory (KARF). All four are ISO 9000 certified.
Aircarft Manufacturing Factory (AMF): In operation since mid-1981, the AMF spearheads the aircraft manufacturing industry in Pakistan. It is the only aircraft manufacturing concern in Pakistan and is at present engaged in the manufacture of the light, robust, basic trainer-cum-surveillance aircraft Mushshak; the Super Mushshak - a variant with a more powerful engine, cockpit air conditioning, electric instruments and several other improvements; the Baaz and Ababeel low-speed target drones for anti-aircraft gunnery training; and development and manufacture, with NAMC of China, of the K-8 (Karakoram) jet trainer aircraft, a few of which are already flying with the Pakistan Air Force. In addition, the AMF has excellent facilities to rebuild and repair the Mushshak at factory level, along with after-sales spares support to Mushshak operators worldwide. AMF also has the skills and capabilities of conventional/CNC machining, sheet metal forming, hand layup, contact suction hot press moulding, stretch moulding, gravity moulding, reaction injection moulding, mould/die and pattern making in woodwork, surface treatment/painting, heat treatment, tig welding (AC and DC), electric arc welding, gas welding, bronzing, soldering, tube banding, material testing, spectroanalysis, tensile testing, precision measurement chemical analysis, CNS calibration, co-ordinate measurement, mould/dies and fixture designing in tooling facility, CNC copy milling and EDM (spark erosion) milling.
A four-seat trainer for flying club use is under development by the AMF.
Kamra Avionics and Radar Factory (KARF): KARF, the fourth factory of PAC, came into operation in 1987. It is an electronics centre with proven capabilities for rebuilding of radars, control and reporting centres (CRC), generators, and manufacture and repair of avionics systems. Currently, it is producing ESM equipment and airborne radar systems. All production activities are carried out in large, spaciously built shops equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Apart from the production of BMJK/8602 RWR and Fiar Grifo 7 radar systems and the overhauling of pulse-Doppler radars, control and reporting centres and generators, KARF offers services in many fields such as surface mount technology, cable repair and manufacturing inspection/testing of microwave components, testing of gears and synchro bridge, environmental testing, testing hydraulic components, rebuilding of three-phase air conditioning systems and general engineering and painting facilities.

Additional Info

  • Address: Kamra, District Attock, Pakistan, Post Code 43570
  • Works: F-6 Rebuild Factory; Mirage Rebuild Factory; Kamra Avionics and Radar Factory; Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (all at Kamra)
  • Tel: (+92 51) 90990
  • Fax: (+92 51) 9225500; (+92 51) 9225515
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