Pacific Aerospace Corporation (PAC) formed 1982 following acquisition of assets and undertakings of New Zealand Aerospace Industries; became wholly owned subsidiary of AeroSpace Technologies of Australia (75.1 per cent) and Lockheed Martin, USA (24.9 per cent). In October 1995, Aeromotive, a privately owned New Zealand company, purchased ASTA's 75.1 per cent share, and became sole shareholder in 2001. PAC maintains production and support facilities for its own aircraft, the CT4 Airtrainer series, Fletcher FU24 series, Cresco 08-600 and 08-750, and PAC 750XL; by July 2003 some 563 aircraft had been produced including two CT4Es and seven Crescos in 2002. Manufacturing facility also produces items for the Airbus A330/340. Workforce of 124 employed in the company's 24,155 m² (260,000 sq ft) facility.

Additional Info

  • Address: Private Bag NH 3027, Hamilton Airport, Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Tel: (+64 7) 843 61 44
  • Fax: (+64 7) 843 61 34
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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