Pacific Aerospace Corporation (PAC) formed 1982 following acquisition of assets and undertakings of New Zealand Aerospace Industries; became wholly owned subsidiary of AeroSpace Technologies of Australia (75.1 per cent) and Lockheed Martin, USA (24.9 per cent). In October 1995, Aeromotive, a privately owned New Zealand company, purchased ASTA's 75.1 per cent share, and became sole shareholder in 2001. PAC maintains production and support facilities for its own aircraft, the CT/4 Airtrainer series, Fletcher FU24 series, Cresco 08-600 and 08-750, and PAC 750XL; by July 2003 some 563 aircraft had been produced including two CT/4Es and seven Crescos in 2002. Manufacturing facility also produces items for the Airbus A330/340. Workforce of 124 employed in the company's 24,155 m² (260,000 sq ft) facility.

Additional Info

  • Address: Private Bag NH 3027, Hamilton Airport, Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Tel: (+64 7) 843 61 44
  • Fax: (+64 7) 843 61 34
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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