NV Koninklijke Nederlandsche Vliegtuigenfabriek (Fokker), office in Amsterdam and new and growing factory at Veere, Zeeland. Here aggressive global marketing—started amidst skulduggery and riots at 1920 Paris airshow, Fokker still being synonymous with 'enemy fighters'—led to company becoming world’s largest planemaker, with large US subsidiary. F series high-wing airliners ended with F.XXII and XXXVI in 1935, unable to compete with DC-2 (for which Fokker obtained marketing rights and sold to KLM). Following 159 C.IV reconnaissance biplanes 1924-6 came 1,085+ C.V plus even greater number built by 8 licensees. Several hundred fighters built for export, and other important types included G.I heavy fighter/attack aircraft, T.IV and T.VIII seaplanes and T.5 bomber. Fokker died 23 December 1939, and factory at Amsterdam-Schiphol destroyed 10 May 1940.

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