Established at army factory (see Karo) outside Kaunas 1927 by Col A. Gustaitis, who designed series of monoplanes. ANBO I and II low-wing sport/training aircraft, ANBO III parasol advanced trainer, and ANBO IV (1932) parasol reconnaissance aircraft with 640-hp Bristol Pegasus. From IV derived 41, major production type. ANBO V and VI were trainers, and VIII a low-wing reconnaissance bomber.

ANBO aircraft

ANBO I; 1925; Number built: 1
ANBO II; 1927; Number built: 1
ANBO III; 1929; Number built: 4; Versions: 1
ANBO IV; 1932; Number built: 34; Versions: 3
ANBO V; 1932; Number built: 19; Versions: 5
ANBO VIII; 1933; Number built: 1

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