KOREAN AIR LINES CO LTD (Aerospace Division)

Aerospace Division of Korean Air Lines established 1976 to manufacture and develop aircraft; occupies 64.75 ha (160 acre) site at Kimhae, including floor area of 250,000 m² (2.69 million sq ft); 2001 workforce about 2,150. Has overhauled RoKAF aircraft since 1978; programmed depot maintenance of US military aircraft in Pacific area began 1979, including structural repair of F-4s, systems modifications for F-16s, MSIP upgrading of F-15s and overhaul of C-130s. Began assembly in 1981 of first domestically manufactured fighter (Northrop F-5E/F), completing deliveries to RoKAF 1986. Since 1988, KAL has delivered wing components for Boeing 747/777, New-Generation 737 and MD-11 (last-named programme completed July 1999); and fuselage components for MD-80/90 and Airbus A330/A340. Deliveries of nose sections for Boeing 717 started 28 March 1997, but suspended in 2001. KAL manufactured UH-60P helicopters between 1991 and 1999, under licence from Sikorsky.
Korean Institute of Aeronautical Technology (KIAT), established as division of KAL in 1978, has grown to become a major Korean aerospace industry R&D centre. It is to add a Helicopter Development Research Centre (HDRC) as a result of October 2001 agreement with Sikorsky to collaborate on KAL's submission in KMH (Korea Multirole Helicopter) programme. Korean MoD's Agency for Defence Development (ADD) selected in 2002 to manage this programme. Official go-ahead announced September 2003 as 15 trillion won (US$13 billion) programme, despite continuing concerns over its economic viability; about 2 trillion won (US$1.7 billion) of this to be spent on R&D. Further concerns over cost voiced by government in November 2003, and re-evaluation of programme ordered. Aim is to complete development of utility version by 2010 and attack version (if still viable) by 2012. Draft programme plan was to have been completed by end of 2003 and selection of foreign partner by mid-2004, but programme status remained uncertain in early 2004.
As part of Korean industry development programme from 1988, KAL designed and developed Chang-Gong 91 light aircraft; co-developed (with McDonnelL Douglas) the MD 520K military helicopter derived from the MD 500; is a major member of KFP Korean Fighter Programme (wings and rear fuselages for F-16C/D); and domestically co-developed with Daewoo the KAI KT-1 basic trainer for the RoKAF. Following prolonged discussions in 2002-03 regarding possible integration of KAL and Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI), it was announced in late August 2003 that MoU had been signed for KAL to acquire entire 28.1 per cent Daewoo stake in KAL. This could see assets of KAL's Aerospace Division transferred into KAI.

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Address: KA Building, 1370 Gonghang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: (+82 2) 656 39 20
Fax: (+82 2) 656 39 17
Website: www.koreanair.co.kr

103 Daejeo 2-dong, Gangseo-gu, Pusan 6181142
Tel: (+82 51) 970 56 20
Fax: (+82 51) 970 50 62

Korean Institute of Aeronautical Technology (KIAT)
461 Jonmin-dong, Yusung-ku, Taejon 305390
Tel: (+82 42) 868 61 14
Fax: (+82 42) 868 61 28

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