TYPE: Four-seat kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Prototype made maiden flight 2002 and acting as US demonstrator 2003; second prototype employed in Korea at that time as avionics and equipment testbed. Shin Young Heavy Industries Company appointed by KARI in May 2003 to market kits in USA; choice of kit manufacturer still the subject of negotiations in late 2003. Prototype of revised design targeted to fly in early 2005.

DESIGN FEATURES: Originally used fuselage, foreplanes and landing gear of US Velocity XL; wings, fins and rudders developed by KARI. However, reported in November 2003 that KARI had modified design to include retractable landing gear, a slight increase in fuselage length, and a machined (instead of hand-moulded) wing built from non-foam GFRP. Said to be more stable at slow speeds than Velocity.