JASDF designations: U-125 and U-125A

TYPE: multirole twin-jet.

PROGRAMME: Hawker 800 selected under JASDF H-X programme to replace Mitsubishi MU-2J and MU-2E in navaid calibration and SAR roles respectively; first U-125 delivered to JASDF 18 December 1992 and first U-125A (52-3003) delivered on 11 December 1994; three U-125As delivered by 31 January 1995 in preparation for formal handover. First six U-125As assembled in UK; seventh aircraft (from Wichita production line) delivered to Kanematsu November 1997; 21st arrived in Japan in January 2003 for fitting out.

CURRENT VERSIONS: U-125: For navaid flight check role, replacing MU-2J; operated by Flight Check Group at Iruma. Three ordered; all delivered from UK production.
U-125A: Search and rescue version, replacing MU-2E; 360° search radar, FLIR, airdroppable marker flares, liferaft and rescue equipment. Operated by detachments of the Air Rescue Wing at Chitose, Hyakuri, Komatsu and Naha, initially going to its Training Squadron at Komaki.

CUSTOMERS: JASDF (three U-125 and 22 U-125A ordered by FY01; none requested for FY02); options for total of 27 U-125As.

COSTS: ¥3.85 billion (2000).

DESIGN FEATURES: U-125A has deep observation 'patio' window each side of fuselage immediately ahead of wing, and dinghy/rescue pack dropping system via pressure door built into lower fuselage which is exposed for operation when landing gear is deployed.

AVIONICS (U-125A): Radar: Toshiba-built Raytheon 360° search radar.
Mission: Mitsubishi Electric IR imager in retractable underfuselage turret.

EQUIPMENT (U-125A): Flare and marker buoy dispenser; liferaft.